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The home gardening trend is seeing major growth as more and more people look to grow food at home. Food safety, food security, food quality and rising prices are just some of the concerns that are causing an explosion in growth of container gardening worldwide. With limited space in cities and little time to take care of a yard garden, people are turning to containers to grow food.

People Can Hardly Contain Themselves

People are using all types of containers in all kinds of spaces to grow all kinds of vegetables. Container gardens are popping up on decks, patios, backyards and even rooftops. A problem many gardeners face is the limitations of growing a variety of vegetables in a single garden container. As a result, gardeners are always on the lookout for new container garden ideas.


small companion planter

Companion Planters™ increase plant and fruit production whether you are gardening in the backyard, growing large amounts of food on farm or using containers on your deck, patio or terrace. These versatile high-density garden containers use less water, take up less space, are great for companion plants and require virtually no work to maintain. Once they are set up and planted, you just sit back and watch them grow; harvesting big, beautiful bouquets of flowers or a collection of wonderful scented herbs.

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medium companion planter

Companion Planters™ shorten the growing time for most vine grown vegetables including cucumbers, squash, melons, watermelons and pumpkins. Expect yields 10 times that of conventional row or “hill” growing techniques. The Companion Planter™ delivers water and plant nutrients to plant root systems evenly, resulting in an explosion of growth all around the planter. Each Companion Planter™ creates a productive crop circle between 20 and 30 feet in diameter depending on the types of vine crop grown.

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large companion planter

Developed for serious gardeners that want to get a lot from their efforts, our largest Companion Planter™ helps gardeners to grow like a pro and get the same production as a commercial farmer right at home. Companion Planter™ technology actually feeds plant root systems thereby increasing plant growth and yield. The largest Companion Planter™ grows more food per square foot than any other garden container on the market. Just 45 inches in diameter, one pot matches the production of a 100-foot row in the garden.

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